Insurance Info

Provider of Most insurances
We will gladly process all insurance claims. Please contact us for further details.

It is advisable that insurance benefits are verified before your first appointment, however, if you need any help, we will happily do it for you at your free consultation.

When calling the verify benefits, the following questions should be asked:

  1. Is a referral from the primary dentist required?
  2. What is the maximum?
  3. Is it a lifetime maximum or annual maximum?
  4. Have any orthodontic benefits been used?
  5. What % is the maximum paid at?
  6. What is the effective date?
  7. Is there a waiting period for orthodontics?
  8. Is there a deductible and if so, is it a one-time or annual deductible?
  9. Are claims paid monthly or quarterly?
  10. Are claims paid automatically or as billed

Please be sure to bring the name, phone number and address of your insurance carrier to your first appointment, along with any I.D. cards, referrals or claim forms you may have.